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Inspired by a Luncheon
Dr. Deborah Gist, TPS Superintendent, spoke on Oklahoma Education and her vision to attract and retain the best and brightest teachers at a Leadership Tulsa luncheon.
The Vision was inspiring. The challenges greater.  Dr. Gist also spoke about the pay shortage of teachers in Tulsa. After a demonstration of a monthly income less rent, food, and electric, she showed how an average teacher would barely have money for any other expense.  
"If we haven't been successful in increasing wages, what if we drastically reduced the expenses of teachers?" thought Christy Hays.  "There is always more than one way to achieve an objective." From that, Christy decided to start helping teachers reduce their expenses by attending her fitness classes free and she challenged other businesses to do the same. She hopes so many will jump on board that teachers can lively nearly free in Oklahoma, causing teachers to clamor to our state for teaching jobs. She says, "This is just good economic development. Investing in our teachers is investing in our future and that's good for all of us." 

Founder, Christy Hays

The First Drop
The Ripple
The Next Ring

It Started As An Idea

The First Ripple

It Starts to Expand

If you're going to make a suggestion, put your money where your mouth is. 
Christy began offering free fitness classes for teachers.

News Channel 6
The Tulsa World captured more information about Oklahomansforteachers thanks to reporter Ginnie Graham

Tulsa World
Businesses in Oklahoma City start to contribute and it creates another ring in the expansion.

News Channel 9
The Wave
Totally Unique

Let's Make It Oklahoma-Wide

A Teacher Program

Businesses saw the interview and the need. They rose to the occasion!

News Channel 5
Citizens Bank of Edmond created a custom plan just for teachers

The Journal Record Press Release
Window Sticker Donation: To be placed on doors of businessiness who are contributing
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To be placed at businessiness who are contributing
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